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Birth Doula

Free Consultation/ Meet & Greet

 Currently only available virtually via Zoom or FaceTime, at least until January 2021. We can discuss your plans for your hopes for your birth, what you are looking for in a doula, answer any questions you might have for me, and decide if we are a good fit!

Phone & Email Support 

Throughout your pregnancy and labor, and indefinitely postpartum I am available to answer any questions, and to provide referrals, information, and emotional support.

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2 Prenatal Visits 

During your pregnancy I will meet with you 2-3 times.  Together we will:

  • Develop a deep understanding of your hopes, fears, and intentions for your birth

  • Discuss how you see my role at your birth, and how you would like anyone else present at the birth to participate

  • Explore your options, prepare for the unexpected, and form your birth plan and preferences

  • Go over strategies for staying healthy and low-risk

  • Discover how to best achieve your desired birth outcome 

  • Answer your questions about your final stages of pregnancy, birth and postpartum period

  • Practice meditations and relaxation techniques

Postpartum follow-up visit 

I will meet with you within one to two weeks after your birth to see how you are doing, process anything that has come up for you, admire your work and your baby, and offer support in adjusting to your new family life. I can also write up the birth timeline if you desire.  Some families benefit from more than one post-natal follow up visit, and I can come to offer assistance setting up a “meal train” for you, helping with household chores, etc… If you would like a second or third post-natal/postpartum visit, I can provide them at $25/hr.

During labor 

  • Consistent emotional and physical support including labor massage techniques

  • Tools for staying relaxed and encouraging labor progression

  • Knowledge about hospital procedures and medical language

  • Advocacy and support for your birth plan

  • Support for your birth partner and other loved ones

  • Information to help you make fully informed decisions

  • Music, aromatherapy, ambiance, etc. as desired

  • Lactation support immediately after birth

My Fee

I believe that every family who wants a doula deserves  a doula.  My fee is $950, which can be made in payments throughout your pregnancy, or all at once. 

I do offer a sliding scale starting at $500. I only ask that you pay as much as you are able.

Every doula client receives 10% off placenta services, and 15% off prenatal massages!

Clients who pay 85-100% of the doula fee receive one free prenatal massage!

I  proudly  support:

  • Families of all types, sexual orientations, gender identities, ethnicities, and cultural and religious backgrounds.

  • Teen parents

  • First-time and experienced parents

  • Single parents

  • Unmedicated and medicated births

  • Deliveries at hospitals and at home 

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