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Beloved 1:1 Coaching

Beloved is a 12 Week Healing Container where we will hold up and explore your highest and most healed vision for yourself and your life! Beloved will draw on several tools including Breathwork, Energywork, Divination, Personalized Rituals,  Spiritual and Somatic Coaching, and Bodywork if you are local! 


In order to deepen relationship and maximize the incredible benefits of body, breath, and energy work, membership is strongly encouraged to receive regular services at Temple. New clients may book a service as an introduction to Temple, and will then be invited to  participate in a monthly membership with incredible perks and benefits!

Meditation Group

Group Breathwork & Spiritual Gathering

Powerful energy builds when we gather together. Temple events are meant to uplift and inspire, to create a space to learn and grow, and to provide conversation, community, and support. 

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