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Sliding Scale Full Spectrum Doula Services

The Richmond Doula Project


The Richmond Doula Project is a collective of full-spectrum doulas in Richmond, VA.


They are a part of the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project, a 501(c)3 that seeks to further Reproductive Justice by engaging in grassroots advocacy for the full spectrum of reproductive rights.



To offer support and education to people through all pregnancy outcomes, centering POC, LGBTQI, and other underserved communities.



Safe, inclusive, accessible reproductive health support for every member of our community.

Prenatal Chiropractor


RENEW Chiropractic


1520 Huguenot Road, Suite 113, Midlothian, Virginia 23113, United States


P: (804) 419-9290 / F: (804)419-9291

Birth Centers/Midwives


River City Midwifery

Offers birth center, home birth, and well care.

LGBTQ inclusive, financially accessible 

Embrace Birth Center

Offers birth center, home birth services. Financial support options available.



Pelvic Hydrotherapy Resources and Information


Steamy Chick 

Extensive historical and anecdotal information, collected research, and instruction on pelvic hydrotherapy. 

Body Positive/Body Liberation Resources

The Body Is Not An Apology

Instagram @sonyareneetaylor


Trans Fertility


"Here, you’ll find articles on academic research, videos on many aspects of trans fertility, and opportunities for fertility and family-building practitioners to deepen their commitment to the trans community."

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