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Energy Work and Divination


Massage Therapist doing energy work and crystal healing

Did you know that we are made of more energy/vibration than matter? I find that so exciting! This means we have so many options to address what is happening in our bodies and spirits. It is possible to move and shift things on a physical level solely by addressing our energy fields. Energy work is about transforming our wounds into superpowers. It is about remembering and connecting with our own divinity.

I use a variety of tools in energy work sessions including reiki, shamanic journeying, guided meditation and visualization, chakra alignment with crystals, and breath work.  If you are not sensitive to smoke or fragrances, I may also use essential oils or burning herbs in the session. 

All work done toward facilitating healing, alignment, and liberation! Virtual and distance sessions available.

"The purpose of divination is to align us with our soul's contract in this incarnation which links us to the heart of god which we are an emanation of." ~Selah Ann Saterstrom, author of Ideal Suggestions: Essays in Divinatory Poetics

Using Tarot and Oracle cards as well as intuitive reading, we explore your own soul contract and all the wisdom and guidance your subconscious, your guides, and your ancestors want to impart for your highest good.

tarot reading
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