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Sliding Scale Services

Scroll down for more info about Sliding Scale Rates! 


Massage & Bodywork

Hands-on intuitively guided massage that leaves you feeling relaxed, renewed, and restored. Modalities include swedish, deep tissue, lymphatic, myofascial, fertility and pregnancy massage, and trigger point therapy.
Temple is an inclusive and  body-positive space. All bodies are good bodies, are honored equally, and welcome to this practice. 

Breathwork & Energywork

 Designed to address blocks in the energy body, which directly affect the physical body. I use many tools including guided visualization, shamanic journeying, crystals, and breath work. Virtual and distance sessions available.

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Prenatal Massage

Massage can be incredibly beneficial in pregnancy, labor, and postpartum! The body goes through profound structural shifts in pregnancy as the center of balance shifts forward to accommodate the growing baby.

Intentional bodywork can relieve pressure, reduce swelling, support spinal alignment, decrease stress and anxiety, relax, and improve circulation. 


Just as significantly, massage can help with mind-body and baby connection and awareness, which is incredibly important for labor, birth, and heart and spirit integration. 

What is a sliding scale?

Sliding scale pricing is a type of fee structure that acknowledges systemic inequality, privilege, power, and oppression. 

It asks people with historical privilege and more access to funds to participate in redistributing resources by paying higher rates, while those with less access and fewer resources are responsible for paying a lower fee.

This means that I take some work at higher rates to help support and supplement my free, donation-based, and lower rate offerings. 

I do not require any proof of income, and trust in the integrity and accountability of those choosing sliding scale services.  


Sliding Scale Services and Rates

60 min Massage, Breathwork, Energywork

90 min Massage, Breathwork, Energywork



For information on scholarships to coaching programs, please contact me at

Sliding Scale appointments are limited each month.  If your resource, access, or income falls in the first/full green bottle, please refer to my Offerings page for other service options. 

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