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Masseur giving woman amazing scalp massa

Massage and Bodywork


Swedish     Deep Tissue    Myofascial Release    Breath Work    Trigger Point Therapy   Pregnancy and Fertility    Cupping    Hip and Sacral Alignment    Stretching     Energy Work  


All bodywork sessions are body positive--honoring the holy uniqueness of your sacred body and experiences. All bodies are good bodies.


Each bodywork session is uniquely tailored to respond to your body, energy, and nervous system. Surrendering enough to allow our bodies to release what is no longer serving us is a profound gift we give ourselves in bodywork. 


Nothing happens in our physical bodies without first developing in our energetic bodies. Bodywork is not only for physical healing and release, but also a tool to move and let go of what emotions, grief, and trauma we have held or even buried in the layers of our tissue and organs.


Bodywork is heart and spirit work and my goal in each session is to gently and slowly open congested spaces to facilitate release and provide more room for Breath.

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All Bodies are Good Bodies

Every body is worthy of touch. Every body is holy exactly as it is. Your body is Temple.

Prenatal Massage

Massage can be incredibly beneficial in pregnancy, labor, and postpartum as the body and spirit go through profound structural shifts

Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy

Arvigo® Therapy Sessions are incredibly effective in addressing and assisting in the healing of digestive issues, fertility and reproductive organ function.

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