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Masseur giving woman amazing scalp massa

Myofascial Release


 Myofascial Release is an incredible safe and  effective technique where the therapist applies gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. The process is slow, present, and connected; the effects are life-changing. Sustained pressure and elongation of the fascia allows motion and fluidity to be restored to stuck and injured tissues. 

Myofascial Release can also be used for trauma and emotional release and healing. Our tissues hold our histories and allowing the fascia to release and rehydrate, also releases stuck memories, energy, grief, and trauma from the body.  


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Myofascial Release is Good For:

*C-Section scars and other      surgical scars

*TMJ and other jaw pain

*Migraines and headaches


*Back pain

*Carpal Tunnel


*Pelvic pain

*Reproductive problems


*Stuck Emotions


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myofascial massage for TMJ

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