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About Me

 From a childhood at the foot of the mountains of Colorado to the rolling green of Missouri to the heat of the Sonoran Desert, I made my way to the deciduous rainforest of Virginia and finally back to the mountains again. I have been a server and a nanny, a teacher and a counselor, an apprentice midwife, a doula, an energy worker, and a massage therapist. I have immersed myself in social justice and women, gender, and sexuality studies, writing and poetics, esoterics, and energy and bodywork. I have wanted to know all of the secrets of the Divine and how it animates our bodies and spirits, and have been running after the keys to those mysteries my entire life.

I believe in the divine and inseparable nature of the body and spirit--that healing the body is healing the spirit, and healing the spirit heals the body.  In my massage work, I approach the body holistically--as a living breathing spirit animating a body.  Our bodies hold grief and trauma, hopes and fears, longing and joy. When we do not allow ourselves to fully feel or process all that we experience, the experience or emotion becomes trapped in the body. We hold grief and trauma in our hips and legs, rage in our bellies, unexpressed joy in our chests, and stress and anxiety in our shoulders. In bodywork sessions my aim is to provide space in the body  for my clients to clear any stagnation and let all energy flow easily through them again. 


In my most recent free time I've danced to power ballads while cleaning the kitchen, studied healing modalities and divination, played in a cardboard castle with my niece and nephew, and desperately tried to bake the perfect loaf of bread from my (finally!) active sourdough starter. I am learning about the joy and humor in messy failure. 

Julieanne Combest

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