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Are you ready to do the deep work to heal yourself?

Breathwork is *Life Changing.*​ 


YOU are the most powerful healer, and you can change your life, break free from ancestral trauma and generational baggage, move stuck energy from your body, and connect with your core essence.


Breathwork is one of the incredible gifts that makes this possible. 

Breathwork is an active meditation of directed breath which calms the conscious mind, allowing the subconscious mind and spirit to bring awareness to stuck emotions, beliefs, or wounding. The attention to these stuck areas and the active breath begins to move the energy out and bring healing. 

You can arrive at a session with a specific issue you want to address, or we can let the breath bring up whatever needs to be unearthed.

Sessions last between 75 and 90minutes, with 21-35 minutes of active breathing. The breath is all done through the mouth while lying down on a massage table. It begins with a short inhale into the lower belly, and a second inhalation into the upper chest, and then an easy exhale. This active meditation stills the mind and brings your attention and awareness into your body. 


Your body may feel tight or uncomfortable in places that the breath and energy is encountering some resistance. Continued practice with the breath will eventually help you to release this tension and any emotional or energetic blocks! The conscious mind tries to stay in control during the first few minutes of the breath and as you meet new thresholds of depth in the work. It does this by thinking resistant thoughts, trying to distract you with any and everything possible, or causing you to yawn. The increased oxygen alkalizes the body by reducing the acidity in the blood. As the oxygen reaches the brain, it stimulates the hypothalamus gland causing it to release endorphins, which in turn activate the other ductless glands in the body. When endorphins begin to flow, the brain begins to relax and the body begins to emotionally release. 


Any places in your body that you are stuck or holding onto anger, fear, or sadness will come to the surface. As awareness is brought into stuck energy, it can begin to move. The breath is the fuel to moving energy in your body. As it continues to bump up against any blockages, eventually causing a cathartic release as it pushes through. Once this happens, you may experience a flood of clarity, joy, love, or forgiveness!

Some of the  Benefits of Breathwork
  • Eliminate thought patterns keeping you stuck

  • Reduce stress

  • Increased clarity, creativity, memory, inspiration

  • Can ease anxiety, relieve depression

  • Remove fear

  • Remove negative blocks

  • Eliminate unhealthy or addictive behavior

  • Connect to Spirit

  • Manifest your dreams and desires

  • Connect with your own essence, who you are at the core

  • Heal generations of ancestral wounds

  • Alkalize cells

  • Release muscle tension

  • Improve digestion and sleep

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Relieve chronic pain

  • Increase energy

  • Improve the immune system

  • Manifest your dreams

Breathwork In The Park

Breathwork in the Park

Come breathe with me on warm Saturdays! 

Reset and oxygenate your system. Move stuck energy and emotions. Clear your channels for new manifestation. Set your intentions for the next glorious adventure! 


Location TBD!

We will discuss the theme of the week and I will instruct everyone on the breath. 

Bring a water bottle, yoga mat, and/or blanket to get cozy on the grass! And bring all your friends! 

No Experience Necessary! 

Donation-based sliding scale ($11-$22, Cash or Venmo--venmo is @iamlivingtemple)

Everyone Welcome! No one turned away for lack of funds! 

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