Living Temple offers  Transformational, Body-positive, Physical and Spiritual Healing by way of Spiritual Mentorship and Coaching, Somatic Trauma Healing, Bodywork and Breathwork, Intuitive Energy Work, Divination, and Birth Doula Services.   





I aim to lead people into exuberant joy and sacred embodiment as we fall in love with ourselves and heal generations. I guide people, especially those at the margins, to know themselves as holy, worthy, and whole as we step into divine alignment and right relationship with ourselves, our communities, and the planet. 

Beloved 1:1
Spiritual + Somatic Mentorship


Breathwork is an active meditation of directed breath which calms the conscious mind, allowing the subconscious mind and spirit to bring awareness to stuck emotions, beliefs, or wounding. The attention to these stuck areas and the active breath begins to move the energy out and bring healing. 



Each bodywork session is uniquely tailored to respond to your body, energy, and nervous system. Surrendering enough to allow our bodies to release what is no longer serving us is a profound gift we give ourselves in bodywork. 


Intuitive Holistic Healing

These sessions address the mind, body, and spirit in a holistic approach. During a consultation with practitioner you will discuss what is occurring for you on all of these levels and make a plan for future sessions. You will then receive a combination of healing approaches which may include Breathwork, Energy Work, Crystal Healing, Bodywork, Tarot Readings,  and/or Pelvic Steaming.  

Birth Work

Having the consistent presence of a doula provides families with personalized support and advocacy during the childbearing year. Doula support is proven to shorten labors, reduce interventions, and lower the risk of post-partum depression.  As a doula, it is of utmost importance to me that your birth experience be loving and empowering no matter how the specifics manifest themselves. 


Embodying Beloved Futures

Do you want more love, more abundance, more peace, more meaning in your life? Are you ready to stop feeling stuck? Are you open to expanding your sense of what is possible? Are you longing to release trauma from your body and grow into all that you are capable of receiving? 

Registration is now Live! 

Class Starts May 23rd!

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Julieanne Nassetta Combest

9019 Forest Hill Ave, Suite 1A,

Richmond, Virginia 23235

Instagram @iamlivingtemple

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